Exhibitor Enquiries

Are you an Adult fan of LEGO? Have you been working on a special project that you’re ready to share with the World?

Would you like to put together a display for one of our Expos or Events?

Well now is your opportunity!

The first step is to complete the below Form with all the details of your display. We will send you more information.

When selecting exhibits for an event the Expo Committee will give preference to those exhibits which show flair and imagination. In addition, the Committee is looking for MOC’s (My Own Creations) over displays of LEGO produced sets.

Please note that submitting an application does not necessarily ensure acceptance of your offer to exhibit at a specific event and the Expo Committee reserves the right to accept or refuse an application on any grounds.

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Please Note: Preference will be given to MOCs, ideally new, or updated. Other aspects such as interactivity and quality will also be considered in selecting displays.

Sets are OK as part of larger dioramas (such as classic space), or collector objects such as USC sets, larger technic or older sets (like 60s town plan).

Space allowed for displays we be granted based on the available size of the venue.

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