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Please fill out the form below if you would like to apply for an retail stand at an up coming show.

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6% of your sales figures or $120 for three days, whichever is higher.

Final payment is to be made no later than 10 working days after the last day of the event.

A deposit of $120 is to be paid at least 14 days before the show otherwise organisers can not guarantee any space can be allocated.

Notificaiton is to be send to [email protected] after payment is made.

Payment Method

Payment of fees:

EFT Payments
Account name: BrisBricks Inc BSB number: 034204
Account number: 359264
Bank: Westpac Reference: Your Name

Cheques/Money Orders
Payable to: BrisBricks Inc
Post payment to:
PO Box 1250
Carindale 4152

Terms & Conditions

Collection of Passes:
Exhibitor passes will only be released if BrisBricks hold: The stall / Vendor application signed by you.
Public Liability:
You are responsible for your own Public and Products Liability insurance and must submit a copy of your Certificate of Currency for Public Liability Insurance if your application is successful.
The period of insurance, must be valid from the date you first arrive to set-up, throughout the BrisBricks event/expo and up to and including the day your goods are removed.
Signage and product advertising:
We reserve the right to request you remove any signage or product that does not respect the Intellectual property of the LEGO Group or is offensive, or could be construed to be offensive.
Allocation of Stand:
No Exhibitor has any claim or right whatsoever to the allocation of a particular Space even if that Exhibitor has exhibited on the same Space for years previously. Any requests for Space may be given consideration by the Organiser but any decision is at the Organiser’s absolute discretion and to be considered final.
One ‘Stall’ represents a Retail space with Public frontage and working space behind. As outlined in the description. The Exhibitor shall not assign or sub-let any Space without the consent of the Organiser in writing which consent may be withheld in the absolute discretion of the Organiser.
The Exhibitor shall not assign or sub-let or deal in any way with any Space. The Organiser reserves the right to re-allocate Spaces in the interest of a better showing of Exhibits. The Organiser reserves the right to change the position of Spaces on the floor of The Event. The Organiser reserves the right to change the date on which the Event will open and close, the hours during which the Exhibitor shall have access to their Space and the hours during which The Event shall be open to the trade and public. The decision of the Organiser as to such times and hours shall be final and absolute. The Organiser reserves the right where for whatever reason they believe it necessary to change the venue of The Expo to another venue in the same city and in such event the Organiser shall not be liable for any of the costs of Exhibitors moving their exhibits to a new venue.
BrisBricks Inc. will not be held responsible for any loss resulting from any accidents, fire, theft or injury that may occur within the venue or surroundings during any period of the show or during setup/dismantling.
Communication Policy:
BrisBricks Inc is committed to communicating with all stall/vendors, exhibitors and members of the public in a courteous and professional manner. BrisBricks Inc expects all stall/vendors, and exhibitors to reciprocate and communicate with BrisBricks Inc in a courteous and professional manner.
Harassment of any kind towards any member of BrisBricks Inc will not be tolerated and in severe cases will be treated as a police matter and BrisBricks Inc may withdraw any allocation of space. BrisBricks Inc has the right to decline, at its absolute discretion, any application for exhibition or stall/vendor received by it and is not required to provide any reasons for doing so.
Exhibitors withdrawing from the Event (or deemed by the Organiser to have withdrawn due to non-payment of amounts by the stated due date), or failing to exhibit shall be liable to pay the following cancellation charges:
Prior to 30 Days before event Exhibitor forfeits 30% of the full cost of the Space. If more than 30% of the total cost has been paid, the balance will be refunded.
From 30 Days before event Exhibitor is liable for 100% of the total cost of their Space.
Notice of any such withdrawal must be made in writing to the Organiser. It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to ensure that the withdrawal has been received by the Organiser.
Reduction of Space after allocation is bound by the same rules as withdrawal of Space (in accordance with section 7.2). The difference in space size will be deemed as withdrawn Space at the same rates as set out in section 7.2.
Setup time is from 7.00am until 8:30pm on Friday 29th September, any vendors not set up by this time may be excluded from the event with vendor space being forfeited.
Closing Times:
Closing time is 5pm on September 30th and October 1st and 4pm October 2nd. Sellers are obliged to continue trading until this time.
Acceptable sales of goods:
BrisBricks Chandler is an exhibition of Lego to celebrate the creativity, art and history of the Lego Group. Lego clones, knock-offs, and counterfeit products will not be allowed. Vendors agree not to display, sell or promote any counterfeit, clone or knock off products and/or product merchandise that does not enhance family values. (BrisBricks management has the right to exercise discretion with respect to product merchandise that does not enhance family values).

Products designed to add to the Lego products where Lego does not produce that product are ok, for example, “Brick arms” Big Bens wheels etc.
Acceptable sales of goods:
The principal seller plus 2 assistants per table is generally allowed. Please discuss with the organisers in advance if extra people are required.
Acceptable sales of goods:
Right of Refusal:
BrisBricks reserves the right to refuse any applications to sell at the show.

I agree to the Fees and accept all Terms and Conditions as listed above: